I would like to say that no women on the earth, who doesn’t love bags, whether it is a designer handbag, purse or clutches. All are unique, fashionable or essential that is being used for all sorts of occasion.

Women's wallets are shrinking. No, that's not a metaphor for the amount of cash they're toting around. Their physical wallets are getting smaller.

What's hot in summer beach wallets

full 22-88-7Yes, you can take your wallet with you to the beach, pool or park with today's water-resistant beach wallets. With their roomy compartments for cash, credit cards and even your smart phone, you can bring along a thin, water-resistant wallet or skinny shoulder bag that safely encases your essentials inside discreetly placed slip-resistant pockets. In our collection you're sure to find the perfect waterproof wallet for beach days!

Leather History

Leather comes from the hide of animals such as the cow, pig, sheep, crocodile, alligator, snake, and kangaroo. Exotic leather can even come from animals such as the stingray, ostrich, eel, or lizards. Producing leather involves a number of processes, including preparation, tanning, and the final drying stage. Explore the fascinating history of this natural product to appreciate it to the fullest. And after spending money on leather products, learn recommendations for caring for leather to keep it supple and beautiful.

Gift-Giving Myths from the Orient

Give wallet as a gift

It’s believed that red wallets will bring lots of money and good fortune. These days, the color of your wallet is not as important, but only a few years ago people preferred red wallets over other colors. Red wallets used to be common gifts. If you intend to give a wallet as a gift, make sure to put some money in it.

Fun Facts About Leather

  • The average consumer is wearing four leather products at any given time
    This may include a pair of shoes, a belt or wallet, or even a the strap on a wristwatch.
  • Leather is a renewal and natural resource.
    If leather was not produced, synthetic alternatives created from non-renewal resources would be needed to replace it. How is that for a fun fact?

What you should keep in your wallet

You already know the risk of carrying too large a wallet (and of keeping it in your back pocket).

In that , we thought we'd pore through what you should actually keep in your wallet on a day-to-day basis.

A Brief History of Purses

The original meaning of the word “purse” was a small bag for holding your money. In Britain, this definition of purse still stands and the term for a larger bag that holds more items is referred to as a handbag. In American english the terms purse and handbag are considered to be the same.

A modern day purse is a fashionable bag with straps that easily go over the shoulder, used for carrying personal items such as money, make-up, electronic devices and more. Purses are mainly designed for and worn by women, however, in the past 30 years or so the man-purse has been making a comeback.