What's hot in summer beach wallets

full 22-88-7Yes, you can take your wallet with you to the beach, pool or park with today's water-resistant beach wallets. With their roomy compartments for cash, credit cards and even your smart phone, you can bring along a thin, water-resistant wallet or skinny shoulder bag that safely encases your essentials inside discreetly placed slip-resistant pockets. In our collection you're sure to find the perfect waterproof wallet for beach days!

super-skinny-bifold-wallet-w-horizontal-pockets-199Beach wallet fashions range from uber-cool to style-overload. That lump in your back pocket created by old-fashioned wallets could become a lump in your shoe with some of today's wallet-like flip-flops designed with insert pockets in the soles to hold your stuff.

You can buy plastic beach buckets designs that you can park in the sand or carry shoulder purses shaped like pink flamingos, watermelon slices or colorful beach balls.

Logic-defying see-through purses, wallets and clear plastic fanny packs let you and, unfortunately, everyone else see what you've brought to the beach. Secret agent-inspired sunscreen bottles and soft drink cans are actually disguised containers with screw-on tops to stash your stuff next to your beach towel.

Giant strap-on waterproof bags and metal containers designed to protect your stuff on scuba diving expeditions can, alas, be somewhat cumbersome to lug to an afternoon pool party.

The thin, lightweight and water-resistant wallets and handbags designed by Big Skinny offer a more practical and fashionable approach to modern beach wallets.

The Oops Factor

The high-tech folks behind the Big Skinny brand are apparently also klutzes at heart. They designed their latest nylon microfiber wallets and handbags to be machine washable should you pull it out of your pocket to show off your trendy new wallet and then, oops, drop it in a mud puddle.

But it's that klutz-minded thinking that has helped make Big Skinny the hot brand in beach wallets that have become the go-to choice for beach vacations, sports fields, outdoor adventures and cruise ship travel.

Consider the wallet and purse pocket construction that make Big Skinny billfolds so popular. The pockets are extra-wide for clumsy fingers, and they have a proprietary rubberized lining to keep your stuff from falling out when you accidentally open up your purse or wallet upside down. Yes, us closet klutzes will attest to this happening on occasion.

Unlike the dowdy thick plastic wallets your cheapskate parents gave you as a kid, the chic, sleek nylon microfiber construction of Big Skinny's line of wallets, clutches and shoulder bags makes them look like expensive designer creations.

Smart Materials and Fabrics

The designers really know what they're doing as far as innovative wallet construction is concerned. Nylon microfiber is our secret weapon against all things wet and sharp. See, this paper thin fabric is what gives our beach friendly wallets their high durability factor and their water-resistance! The clear plastic we use for the ID pockets are equally tough and resilient. And, for instances when a folding wallet just won't do, we've also got zippered waterproof wallets, with super strong zipper closures.

Plenty of Styles to Choose From

Big Skinny offers wallets a huge selection of colors and styles to choose from for our waterproof models. The Metro Bifold, the Super Skinny Bifold and the Key Case all have fantastic and versatile options to explore. We're big on options, so both men and women are sure to find styles that suit their needs functionality-wise and their personal tastes style-wise.

Storage Pockets and Special Features

You need storage you say in your waterproof wallet for beach trips? No problem, even on beach days you won't ever have to go without your valuables. We've got waterproof wallets that have credit card capacities ranging from 20 all the way up to 36.

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