I would like to say that no women on the earth, who doesn’t love bags, whether it is a designer handbag, purse or clutches. All are unique, fashionable or essential that is being used for all sorts of occasion.

When you are dressing for a special occasion, just wearing a designer dress is not enough. You should carry a perfect handbag to add a complete touch to your outfit. Designer and fashionable handbags are must have for all women, but clutches is one of the most popular handbags. But you can’t carry clutches with your office suit as the same you can’t carry a backup with one piece dress. Let see the different between handbags, clutches or purse.

Clutches: - Clutches is more stylish and have fashionable look as compared to handbag. It will suit with your wedding gown, one piece, Saree among other fashionable dresses. Clutches haven’t huge space as like a handbag, so you can’t carry your routine stuff which we carry in our handbag. Presently, it available in various styles, types and colors that allow you to buy according to your interest.

Handbags :- Designer handbags bring comfort and convenience that can easy to carry in a business meeting, shopping, party casual event among others. They are available in all sorts of brands, attractive colors, designs and patterns. They serve huge space that allows you to carry your regular stuffs, which include notebook, pen, makeup products, wallet, water bottle among others. They have chain or leather handles to carry on shoulder or elbow.

Purse :- Purse is also a stylish and essential bag, which come in a small size that basically used to carry money or cash or card. It has no handle, but you can hold it in your palm.

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