How Leather is Made

We’re here to run you through all the steps, some of which have fascinating names like “fleshing”–which is exactly what it sounds like. As with any product you spend money on, you become a much better consumer when you know all of the processes involved in its creation.

How Many Wallets Are Lost Each Year

It only takes a second to lose your wallet forever. Maybe you left it on the table of the last restaurant you went to, or maybe it fell out of your jacket or purse. Thousands of wallets are lost each year. In a five year period around 10 percent of people will have lost their wallet. Wallets are among the most common items people lose. To help you keep your wallet safe and sound, we've come up with a few solutions:

Things You should never carry in your wallet

wallets for men and womenIt's probably fair to assume you're carrying a few things that — clutter aside — would be better left at home. After all, if your wallet is lost or stolen, you don't want to surrender anything that will make it easier for someone to impersonate you, infiltrate your accounts, or go on a shopping spree on your dime. So, haul out that wallet and get ready to purge. Here are items to remove:

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