What is a Leather Cleaner?

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Leather cleaners are basic leather care products that have been carefully designed to clean dirt and remove stains off leather without the harsh damaging effects. As well as to open pores and prepare the leather to be conditioned with a leather conditioner.

Leather conditioners should always be used after leather cleaners because they are meant to restore back lost oils which can be lost through the cleaning process. So as you can see a leather cleaner is a cleaning agent made for the purpose of cleaning leather. Leather products such as jackets, shoes, wallets and even leather car seats.

Why is Cleaning Leather So Important?

Before you begin choosing the right leather cleaner for your leather, there are some things that need to be addressed – such as: what happens when you don’t clean your leather? The thing is… not all leather is made equal. However, there are some very common concern.

For instance, neglecting to maintain your finished leather can lead to it’s top coat cracking and the leather drying out. This is because generally this type of leather has a deeper cut of grain, and that acts a trap for grunge like body oil or dirt. This build up eventually eats away at the leather unless it is removed with a brush and a good quality leather cleaner. Unfinished leather lacks a top coat to crack, but it tends to fade, wear, and stain at a more advanced rate. Because it’s unprotected any stains that aren’t immediately intended can become permanent.

That said, as long as regular maintenance with a good conditioner is done in concert with general cleaning, everything should be fine. And the end result of this is that you’ll retain a beautiful piece of leather for a lifetime. In fact when given regular cleanings leather tends to present a better color and overall look. Even something as simple as wiping down your product with a damp cloth once a week can yield wonders. Proper care also works to improve durability, and overall comfort. That said – different grades of leather or going to need different levels of care.

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