Hot leather goods

At the very top of the list are the leather bags. Collections of handbags is smartly constructed with many well thought-out features. From trendy and hip to smart and simple, there are many types and unique patterns that one can choose from. That, coupled with contrast stitching and cleverly located pockets.Hot leather goods

Leather footwear. You can get fisherman sandals that have a centre strap running up the foot from the toe. You can also go with the range sports sandals which have more rugged thread patterns on them. Bata also has many different types of leather shoes --both formal and casual-- that you can choose from. For Apex enthusiasts, on the other hand, the leather casual flat slipper as well as some of the Venturini leather collection can be worth a look.

The buckles are easy to manouevre and are not over the top. If you are looking to be a little more adventurous, you can try out unusual leather belts too. There are many colours available including blue, olive and turquoise that you can pair with your choice of patterns such as printed or smooth.

Leather wallets are a classic. Some of the best selling accessories you can find here, in our internet store. We offer really nice designs that will definitely suit your wallet needs.And we also has a range of well-stitched leather wallets, which come in different shades of tan, black, brown and even olive and patterned. Most of these can easily support the dozens of cards and receipts that you will have saved up.

Leather shoes and bags are not the only things that you can get for yourself this summer. You can upgrade those traditional sunglasses that you have, with some unconventional leather frames.

Phone covers:
iPhones need some leather love too. You can even give it a cool nickname and call it iPants. If you look hard enough, you will find some unique leather covers at your typical phone cover shops.


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