How To Choose The Right Wallet for Men

However, the one accessory which is mostly overlooked in their attire is the wallet. It is easy to dress up in stylish clothes but those little details like your wallet set you apart from the crowd.

Imagine you are out on a date at a high end restaurant and as soon as the bill arrives, you are busy digging to pull out the cash/card from a heavily stuffed wallet. Not a good impression, right?

Here are 8 useful tips to choose the right wallet

  1. Tri-fold wallet – For frequent travellers leather modern wallet for men
    The tri-fold wallets can store more number of credit/debit cards which is suitable for domestic/international travelers
  2. Universal Wallet with 14 compartments
    This universal wallet can hold both cash and plastic money in a larger quantity. It has 11 expandable pockets for storing credit/debit cards, 2 zippered pockets for cash/coins and 1 transparent pocket for identity cards.
  3. Bi-fold wallet – For office going crowd
    These are simple wallets available in leather and synthetic materials. This is a classic style and is perfect for everyday use. This type of wallet allows you to store both cash and cards without making it look bulky.
  4. Aluminium Indestructible Wallet – Another great pick for travellers
    This super slim wallet is made of aluminium. It is perfect for those who have a lot of credit/debit cards. This wallet keeps your credit/debit cards safe from RFID scanners used by thieves.
  5. Money Clip – For those who are fond of a different type of a wallet
    A money clip carries both cash and plastic money easily. It is sleek, stylish and ideal for both men and women.
  6. Number of credit/debit card slots
    Avoid stuffing your credit/debit cards along with other items in your wallet as the card tends to bend over a period of time. Go for a wallet with proper credit/debit card slots. You can choose a wallet with at least 4 slots to store these cards.
  7. Size of the wallet
    Go for a medium sized wallet which doesn’t bother you while you are seated. An oversized wallet allows you to stuff more which makes it messy whereas a smaller wallet doesn’t hold your essentials properly. The ideal size of your wallet should be 3.5” X 4.5”.
  8. Separate coin pocket
    Storing your coins anywhere in the wallet could cause damage/scratches to the cards and other items in your wallet. Choose a wallet with a separate pocket or compartment for coins as it keeps your wallet organised.

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