Make Your Homemade Leather Cleaner

Making a homemade leather cleaner allows you to save money and produce an all-natural produce that you can use on all of your leather goods. Keep in mind when ever using a new leather cleaner or leather conditioner, whether it’s homemade or not, test the mixture in a hidden area of the leather before applying it to the entire item to prevent any discoloration or damage to the leather.

Additionally, always remember to condition your leather after you finish cleaning your leather goods with the homemade leather cleaner. Lastly the following recipes are only for finished leather and not for unfinished. Therefore, make sure to know what type of leather your product is made out of before using any of the following recipes.

Leather Cleaner Recipe For Removing Ink Stainsleather cleaner


Isopropyl alcohol ( rubbing alcohol)


Microfiber cloth or cotton swab

Types of Ink
  • Ballpoint pen: proceed with cleaning method.
  • Felt tip marker: proceed with cleaning method.Ballpoint pen: proceed with cleaning method.
  • Permanent ink or marker: do not proceed with this cleaning method because it’ll only make the ink stain worse. For this type of ink stain it’s best to dye your leather yourself or by a professional.
Instructions on How to Use the Leather Cleaner
  1. Apply rubbing alcohol on to the cotton ball or cloth
  2. Before applying rubbing alcohol on to the stain , spot test rubbing alcohol in an inconspicuous area of leather
  3. Then gently rub on the stain in circular motion


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